Scholarship Eligibility and Selection Process


To be awarded a Meyer Scholarship, a student must be a resident of South Carolina and meet the academic standards and other qualifications for admission to the School. A current Meyer Scholar who ceases to be a South Carolina resident before the scholarship is renewed will no longer be eligible for the award unless eligibility is expressly approved by the School.


During the selection process all applicants from South Carolina will be considered for the Meyer Scholarship. There is no separate application process. Finalists for the Meyer Scholarship must apply for financial aid. Recipients will be selected by the St. Paul's School Admission Office; they will be notified in March of each year. The School will give preference to applicants from families for whom financial considerations are critical factors in making educational decisions.

“Lane and I would not be able to give this scholarship today if it had not been for the education I received while attending St. Paul’s School. The independent living I was afforded there taught me to be accountable for my actions. Of course, I was challenged to excel, but more importantly, I learned to think in unconventional ways and explore the options that are not always readily apparent.”

- Austin Meyer

  St. Paul's School Graduate,
President of Laminar Research
and Creator of the X-Plane Flight Simulator

Scholarship Eligibility

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